I guess I should introduce myself to any new reader who has ventured onto my blog.  My name is Kayleigh, a 24 year old girl living in Scotland with many dreams/goals for her life.  I want to stop holding back and start focusing on those now, no time like the Present, right?

So with that said, I suppose I can now officially call myself a blogger and a writer - two 'labels' I have been aiming to achieve for more than half a decade.  I want to say that this has been through no fault of my own but then I would be lying.  For years the fear of judgement or that evil word procrastination have taken over my world and I've let them.  Instead of just following my passions for me and my happiness I have let myself be consumed by others and their thoughts and views - which don't get me wrong, is something that can be useful if used positively - but what I should have been doing is publishing those many drafted blog posts (and there are many believe me) cluttering my blogger dashboard, continuing to write my book and finally getting out of my comfort zone to run ahead (metaphorically for now, possibly literally later on in the year) and fulfil my goals for ME.

I have problems with procrastination, with my looks/weight, with anxiety and self doubt, with fear, even with life at times like many others and I guess this is my viewpoint on the world, it's concepts and what it has to offer.

So if you'd like you can follow me on my journey?  Who knows, maybe we could learn a thing or two from each other...

- Kismet Spills All (03/05/2016).

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