Monday, 13 June 2016

Think For A Minute [1]: Anxiety, Bravery, Control.

It’s so easy to allow fear and anxiety to take control of your life. To take control of you and your actions and allow you to become a shell of the person you want to be. You allow it to keep you indoors, hidden under the duvet and away from the world; away from any form of interaction or any form of progress - metaphorically or literally. It takes courage to be able to throw that duvet aside and tell yourself you’ve had enough; enough of feeling down and enough of letting them win. We all have our own version of that courage deep inside of us, we just need to be willing to find it; willing to find it and willing to fight. 

Day by day we are all working on ourselves, working to destroy our demons and working to achieve the life we want. During this process we need to see fear and anxiety as a test, a test on our determination, willpower and commitment - to and for ourselves. We only have one life to live and we spend each and every minute of that time with our own mind, no one else's. Each of us battling our own inner conflicts wondering whether you've said or done the right thing or chosen the right path; but deep down we know the answers. We are in control of what we say, what we do and how we say or do it - the answer, lies within yourself. 

Are you brave enough to take control of your own life path, conquer those fears, face anxiety head on, to not allow the opinions of others to take over, loving yourself in the process and removing yourself from the comfort of your sleep zone? Are you able to finally make your dreams a reality? You believe in others, but do you believe in yourself? It simply starts with you and only you have the ability to make a change.