Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Think for a Minute (or Two) [2]: Chaos of Your Own Creation.

We live in a world that makes it difficult to say no. No to the job that doesn't give us the career path we desire simply because we need the money or feel obliged to take the next job that comes our way. No to the friends who we no longer feel connected to simply because we've known them all our lives. No to settling in our current relationship simply because we're afraid of being 'alone'. No to the people we love simply through fear of losing them. No to the plans that involve something we're not interested in simply because we've already said yes, so how could we possibly say no!? 

We live in a world that makes it difficult to say yes. Yes to taking the trip of a lifetime simply because we'd need to do it on our 'own'. Yes to making a go of things with the guy we've had a 'crush' on for as long as we can remember simply through fear of what they'd say. Yes to quitting the job that you're no longer satisfied in simply through fear of change, fear of losing the people you already work with or fear of what's to come. Yes to messaging those people we had a connection with simply through fear they didn't feel the same. Yes to taking that test again simply because we failed the first time. Yes to making changes within your home life or personal life simply because we've become used to what we know and how would we even begin to make the necessary changes in the first place!?

The common theme here being change. We don't want some things to change yet nothing can remain the same. We're fighting a losing battle each and every time we decide not to take the scarier option, the option that we know will be the best in the long run. Instead, the norm becomes the life we don't want but the life we put up with, the life we make excuses for, the life that allows for the 'it just happened that way' stage, the life that becomes ours - through choice.

We want some things to change yet we have no clue where to begin and how to go about it. So, we put things off, we again make excuses, we don't make the effort to research what needs to be done and before we know it so much time has went by that we're faced with the life that allows us to enter the 'what's the point in starting now?' stage, the life full of someday's, the life of putting up with those things we so 'desperately' want to remould, the life that becomes ours - through choice.

We may blame the world we live in simply because it's easier to do so. If we blame the circumstances surrounding us then it makes it plain sailing; it's the world we live in that's at fault, not us. Sorry to break it you, sorry to break it to myself, but it's not the world to blame...it's us. We may live in a world that tries to force us to conform to societal norms, societal ways of thinking about ourselves and our lives...but this life we're leading? It's ours. The changes we make within it? Are ours. The happiness at the end of the tunnel? Well, only you can set out to achieve it. Otherwise? You're left in the dark...a caliginous chaos of your own creation.

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